About DayPack Books

A daypack is a backpack in which you carry the essential materials to get through your day. You can easily find things when you need them – a water bottle, something to read, a comb, and so on.

A DayPack book is similar. It contains the essential materials for a particular business topic. The information is arranged so that you can easily find the material you need in the moment it’s most useful.

DayPack books are written without jargon. They enable you to engage quickly and effectively with a subject. They help you get value from a discipline without needing to become an expert in it.

As with any book, you can read it through, from Introduction to Afterword. However, you can also pinpoint any topic at the point at which it will be most valuable to you – whether or not you’ve been reading cover to cover.

Purchasing Books

DayPack books are available through Amazon and other booksellers.